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Our Restaurants

The Grove House

A Field to Table Eatery at Sleeping Giant

Decked in exotic greenery, the dining room evokes the restaurant’s surrounding jungles with amazing views to the mountains. It is situated on the second and third floor of Sleeping Giant’s main building.

Don Tonito's Pizza

artisan pizza routed in local culture

Dough raised in the doting flames of the fogón, bright tomato sauce smoothed into place, and toppings in every shape and color you could possibly imagine—at the Belize Collection, we know pizza for all its regality, and all its esteem. Dine in the scattered glow of the setting sun through the trees, and experience pizza at its finest, at Don Tonito’s.

The Paddle House

Beachfront Restaurant in Hopkins, Belize

A full service restaurant offering delicious local and international specialties at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef.

The Paddle House has a breezy Caribbean feel. It is a culinary destination loaded with an array of delicate flavors, freshness of ingredients and impeccable presentation all with spectacular views, a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Big Dock Ceviche Bar

Fun over the water

High over the sea, where the sky seems close enough to touch and the hours pass in a warm haze of day beds and sweating, syrupy bright drinks, find a sense of untouched respite and deliciousness at its easiest, at the Big Dock Ceviche Bar.

Restaurante Laguna

a new twist on belizean cuise

Feast on Belizean cuisine, exalted in ways both unnamed and untamed, set to the backdrop of boundless lagoon blue, and the gentle slope of mountains. The art of indulgence is a perfect guarantee, at Restaurante Laguna.

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Antoine Lavoisier – managing director