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Welcome to Restaurante Laguna

Belizean Cuisine, untamed & unnamed.

Brilliantly blending classic elements of Belizean cuisine with the modern musings of our present, our aim is to provide you with an experience of culture both utterly true and entirely new. Join in on a celebration of Belize—a flavorful reverence in every bite, a knowledge as refreshingly ancient as it is agelessly contemporary—at Restaurante Laguna.

A backdrop of boundless Lagoon Blue

Towering in grand splendour, at Restaurante Laguna, we invite you to dine over a view of the lagoon—indefinite in majesty and might in equal manner, beauty and decadence made entirely unavoidable.

Give in to the swirling cerulean, to the puffy clouds, to the sun-streaked heavens. Give into the inevitable, at Restaurante Laguna.


For Reservations

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